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    Labuan Bajo, Komodo-west Flores, Indonesia

    Top komodo tour indonesia

    Komodo island tour and Flores island tour in Indonesia are also the best adventure trip and travel destinations to go on your holiday travel. This tour will guide you to the less-explored islands but well-known for the unique tradition, charming-people, pure culture and beauty of nature.

    Top Komodo Tour Indonesia is eager to introduce the islands to the international world by providing accurate tour & travel information and offering the best selection of adventure tour packages to the hidden-paradise lands of Flores and Komodo island Indonesia. Komodo tour Indonesia with greatest Komodo National Park is popular for fabulous world-class diving destination, and home of Komodo dragon as an endanger animal which made people around the world are amazed by the unique largest monitor Lizard. Komodo National Park declared as a World Heritage Site since 1991 by UNESCO, and as one of seven Natural World Wonders since 2011. Top Komodo Tour Indonesia also offers tour to Flores island which is known for the unique culture with open-hearth and friendly local people.

    Flores tour Indonesia is also well-known as a beautiful Eden of nature such as: Mt. Kelimutu “an impressive natural-miracle on Flores island which contents three different changing color crater lakes. It’s so spectacular and dramatic sight that is found nowhere else on this planet. Besides, Flores tour Indonesia has still so much more hidden-tour attraction beyond Kelimutu and Komodo dragon. For more detailed information about Komodo tour and Flores tour Indonesia.

    Jl. Eduaradus Sangsun SVD, Kel. Wae Kelambu, Kec. Komodo
    Labuan Bajo, west Flores, NTT.

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