Mangrove forest situated in Kelurahan Margomulyo, West Balikpapan. Government stated to release this 6,8 ha area from resident ownership, and make it a conservation area. Most trees grow by themselves, but also many of them planted by conservatory programme. This forest protected because this is place where animals and plant live.

This place is also a nice spot for photography lover. Shady thick woods, long ulin bridge for tracking, and some gazeboo. And if you are lucky enough, you can meet tempakul, a fish that can walk on the ground, some birds, even small monkeys searching for food.

How to reach this place:

From the city center you can find angkot to take you to Bunsay Plasa / Pasar Inpress Kebun Sayur. Then you can find ojek, go to SMAN 8. Next to this school building you will find a gate with ulin bridge. Go along this bridge.