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    Equator Monument, Pontianak - West Kalimantan

    Equator monument located in Siantan, North Pontianak. Pillar, which is only five kilometers from downtown to the direction of this Singkawang pins. As a symbol of the United Kingdom at the cross by a line which divides the earth into two parts and one of the city of Pontianak city is crossed by a line in the longitude or the equator. In a geography lesson, likened the Earth is divided into two parts, namely the northern and southern hemispheres. Of the division, it can be said of Pontianak is located right in the middle of the imaginary line.

    Special, That's perhaps the right word to refer to Pontianak, West Kalimantan provincial capital. Said to be special, because the city is just one of several regions in the world that passed an imaginary line or equator equator. The monument was built to mark the Equator Monument on the Equator, or zero degrees latitude is located in Siantan, about three kilometers from Pontianak city center towards the River District Pinyuh, Pontianak regency.

    The most amazing events around the Equator monument is the culmination of the event, the sun right on the equator. At that time the shadow of the monument "disappeared" a few seconds, even if exposed to sunlight. We are standing around the monument will also lose his shadow for a while.

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    That's very cool. Is there also a museum of some sort?

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    Nice monument .

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