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    Benteng Fort Rotterdam - Makassar

    In its present form, the castle is now located in Makassar city center was built by the Dutch Trading Company (VOC). Fort Named to commemorate the name of the Rotterdam with the winner's hometown Makassar War, Admiral Speelman; after overhauled the total in the year 1673, the castle was rebuilt by following the model of the European fortress-17th century. For nearly 300 years this castle was the center of Dutch rule in South Sulawesi. New in 1937 Fort Rotterdam submitted for civilian use as a center of culture and arts, among others, to house the Foundation Matthes, a famous library of the history, language and culture of Sulawesi. The fort is now administered by Rotterdam Heritage Archeological Conservation Center Makassar, Ministry of Culture and Tourism. While Lagaligo Museum located in this fort is under the management of the Government of South Sulawesi province. This area became one of the cultural attractions of Makassar and attract many tourists visit the domestic and foreign.

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    One of our favorites destination when come to Makassar. I suggest that in these places the more shady trees planted.
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    hello, you have tour for Makassar ?

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