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    Panglipuran Traditional Village, Bangli - Bali

    Panglipuran Traditional village is settled in Bangli regency, 45km from Denpasar. This custom village will easily be found, for it located in the border of Kintamani main road - Bangli. Visiting Panglipuran will gives you peace and comfort, the atmosphere is very quite and calm.

    At the Catus Pata, which is the border area of Panglipuran village, there is a village hall, or an outdoor for the inhabitants and the spot to greet the guests.

    Panglipuran in Balinese means consolation or entertainment. It derives from the early times during kingdom historic in Bali, this place was the best place to recovery for anything.

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    cool.. this place represent Bali villages and its nature.. so beautiful and admiring

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