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    Sampit, Central Kalimantan

    Sampit town on the Sampit river and the capital of the Sampit regency, is known as the biggest timber port of Kalimantan as well as in Indonesia. Here can be found many sawmills which process the timber for export. One can find many interesting tourist attractions in Sampit. Pandarang beach is a park on the seaside at the mouth of the Sampit river. To the south is the wide expanse of the Java sea. The orchid park of Pembuangan Hulu is a natural forest in which a number of rare and beautiful orchid varieties grow. Hunters can engage in their favorite pastime at the Seyaran river which borders on the hunting park of Karawaringin Barat.

    Do you remember? The bloody attacks by indigenous Dayaks on Madurese migrants in the river town of Sampit, Central Kalimantan, have claimed hundreds of lives, mostly Madurese. Dayak mobs have hunted down and killed Madurese, including women, children and the elderly. They also have attacked and burned houses and businesses belonging to Madurese.
    The violence has forced tens of thousands of Madurese to flee their homes, where they have lived for decades, to squalid refugee centers in police stations, military barracks and government offices. Thousands of refugees have been taken by naval vessels back to Madura island, East Java, but many more are still sheltering in the refugee centers.

    Today, is not about violence but Sampit design to become a tourist destination in this country. That administration was making serious efforts to prepare all potential tourist sites owned by Sampit, ranging from natural attractions, culinary tour and local religious tourism.

    If Sampit had become a tourist destination, such title would boost its economic development. Therefore, its residents were the most advantaged party.

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    May be we can get the detail information about how to get there?
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    The location which is far from city crowd can give you good relaxation. It has soft white sands. You can find big woods around carried by waves ashore.

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