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    Rafting Kasembon Malang- East Java

    Kasembon rafting has become a popular year-end 2006. Although relatively new as a platform for rafting, but the support equipment in the local rafting has been very good. Located in the town of Malang Regency Kasembon Bayem district is the river that is used in this place is the river Sumberdandang with long lines to place this rafting is 7.5 km, or for beginners Rafter can be done about two hours.

    The rafting route visit the village Bayem - Beji Rejo - Sepudak heats and finished in the village which is still in the district Kasembon.

    Put this new rafting offers a different feel to the resort that the other rafting. The advantages of this place other than where rafting is this place has a beautiful view, location, surrounded by mountains, the natural landscape with rice paddies of rice plants are yellowish turn a beautiful panorama of the sunset in the afternoon and more than that is where the rafting the river flow It has five channels with a height of 2-3 meters and difficulty levels ranging from two to three Rafter Rafter suitable for beginners and professionals.

    East zone are mountains of Pearl, with small forests stretching from north exuberant. If this sort rafting enthusiast then rafter will be able to see the beautiful sunset in the evening while enjoying fresh young coconut between stately palms.

    Rafting Kasembon reach the place is not very difficult to shift direction can be reach from Malang city about an hour drive by private vehicles. From Malang you need to go west pass town of Batu-Kasembon-Pujon.

    If from Kediri go to east pass Kandangan-Kasembon. Infrastructure is very good, with instructions for the location of the pointer are supported on the side street side to make it easy to find location. Your travel time ranged from 45 minutes.

    When you leave for Surabaya, the path is crossed by Surabaya - Mojokerto - Ngoro - Kandangan - Kasembon. Travel time is approximately two hours. The route back, you can try pass Malang because along the way is very beautiful scenery and a lot of passing places like the mainstay Selorejo Dam (boating, and you can eat freshwater fish) Dewi Sri hot spring, Waterfall Coban Rondo, and more.
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    Good post, Linda. Keep showing us the beauty of Indonesia
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