Worldwide knows Bali for its enchanting natural sightseeing, like the beach, the wave and the sunshine. The culture and the night entertainment is also popular for tourists that give visit to Bali. However, there is one thing that tourist never notice during vacation in one place, Pasar Tradisional or traditional market.

Bali has, at least, the biggest and the most visited market that offer handicraft, painting, traditional cloths and more. Those are:

Pasar Badung

Badung market is located in Gajah Mada street. This traditional market is the biggest and most popular market in Bali. It opens daily from dawn to dawn and it has unique landscape. Those who love photography, this market is a good one to be the target capture.

Pasar Kumbasari

Near to Badung Market, Kumbasari is can be reach by crossing the river at the opposite of Badung market. Just like any other market, this traditional market is offer daily needs and especially the textile and Balines handicrafts.

You can found Balinese traditional cloths with gold element in every detail, beautiful painting from local artist and many more.

Pasar Burung Denpasar

For those love fowl and birds, this is the perfect place to stop by. Followed by the bird chirping bird along the street market, you will find numbers of birds and other animals like cats, hamster or monkey, and accessories related like cage, the foods, the bed and so on. This market is located in Veteran Street, in Eastern side of Denpasar Hospital.