If West Sumatra has songket, North Sumatra has Ulos fabric. This fabric has been part of the culture of the Batak people for long. Ulos was never absent from the various activities or ceremonies in North Sumatra.

Ulos fabric has a distinctive feature for the people of Batak. If there is any big event celebration that does not use Ulos, then the event is not valid. It is because, only in North Sumatra, Ulos fabric was widely used as a souvenir by tourists. They will come to the center for the manufacture and sale of a variety of souvenirs there.

One of the centers can be visited on the Samosir Island. There are many Ulos artisans and fabric sellers there, like the one in the Perbaban village. You can buy it as a souvenir.

Ulos the perfect souvenirs for your trips in North Sumatra.