Batik has become a cultural heritage of Indonesia. Even the world also has recognized that batik is belonged to Indonesia. It could not be separated from each region who have batik as traditional crafts that have been attached. Not only in Java , West Nusa Tenggara ( NTB ) also has a hand-crafted batik as beautiful. Named Batik sasambo.

Sasambo is a combination of three ethnic groups inhabiting the earth NTB Sasak in Lombok, Sumbawa in Samawa, and Mbojo in Bima. Third Tribe is united in terms of traditional handicraft and batik made ​​sasambo as a medium.

For motifs , batik motif sasambo have sasambo, motifs made ​​Sahe, kakando motif , and the uma lengge ( a tradional house with a dome that resembles a cone). Batik from each region can be distinguished from the patterns and colors are produced.

Fine fabrics and artistic motifs could be a determinant of the selling price of batik sasambo, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. The length also makes the process of making batik price sasambo be very expensive. It becomes natural to see the resulting fabrics and intricate manufacturing process.

Batik sasambo still processed using traditional techniques. The hands of the craftsman expertise needed to make patterns , motifs , and colors in batik sasambo. There are unique when the release sasambo colors in batik . Pieces of iron whose tip has been heated will be affixed to the cloth to remove the wax material as a color separator in batik sasambo.