Who can deny the beauty of Bali Island as the home of gods. This magnificent island keep its secret to be revealed in case of natural beauty and cultural. The mountain, the beaches, the temples and many more are those who welcome you during your visit in Bali. Moreover, those who are dying for underwater adventure, here are the best spots to dive in:

USAT Liberty

This diving site with USAT shipwreck is popular in Bali. Here, the divers can enjoy diving in the middle of gigantic USAT Liberty that being found by Japanese soldiers in 1942.


Located at northeast Bali, Tulaben is a plankton bay and there is a rocky spot where shark, whale and sunfish lies.


This site is what-so-called traditional, where it lies in the northeast of Bali, precisely in Karangasem. Amed has two essential diving spot, which is Nelayah Lipah village and Gili Selang.

Gili Tepekong

This place is presenting some spectacular diving spots with the genuine underwater sightseeing like the coral and fishes. Some fishes that can be found here are Red Snapper, trigger clown, blue spotted manta ray, Morays and shark.

Blue Lagoon

Near to Padang Bay beach, the beautiful coral enrich the Blue Lagoon marine biota. For those who like underwater photography, this place is perfectly supporting your pictures.

Pulau Menjangan

Menjangan Island is surrounded by coral and rocky formation just like coral reefs complex. When you diving in this island, you will pampered by the spectacular coral reef, small caves and little snapper batfish that wandering around.

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is located in Nusa Penida and this place is drop-death exotic. This is one of the best spots that can be found to see Mola-Mola or Sunfish, angel fish, sweet lips, frog fish, sea snakes, Moorish fish, banner fish, and much more.