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    Indonesian Three Worth To Visit Beaches By CNN

    As one of popular destinations among tourism objects, beach is the only place that never fail you, as long as about clear blue sky, sparkling blue ocean, fresh air, white sandy beach, the waves and others related, From 100 lists of beach by CNN, there are three Indonesian beaches that being included. Those are:

    1. Pantai Nihiwatu, Sumba

    Nihiwatu beach is located 30 km from Waikabubak city, West, it placed in 17th rank of 100 best beaches in the world. This beach is has magnificent resort and this is a private beach. Nihiwatu is also has huge waves and those who love to surf is always come to this place. To chase the popular waves in Nihiwatu, the surfers must get in line and book the place, for there only 10 surfers are allowed to come at the same time.

    2. Pantai Canggu, Bali

    The Canggu beach that placed in 39th is located near to Legian. Not only beautiful beach scenery, the visitors who come to Canggu will also get the green paddy field sight seeing along the beach. The green nuance and the very fresh air will pamper you and your beloved one.

    3. Pantai di Pulau Derawan, Kalimantan

    Derawan beach is on 63th of 100 best beach in the world. This beach is the most prestigious place for surfing after Raja Ampat and it becomes the one of popular destinations in Indonesia, The tropical nuance is perfect and we will see the magnificent white sandy beach along the area, the green situation and green bluish ocean over the sight. It's a paradise.
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    very useful information ... ... Thanks
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    Wow, this is wonderful, I love this picture. All these beach pictures are nice, I would like to invite you india Goa is famous for its beaches.
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