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    7 Iconic Destinations In Ubud - Bali

    Bali is not always about beach and ocean, this god Island is also having other magnificent destinations including the nature sightseeing. Here in Ubud, for instance, the nuance of paddy field on traditional irrigation is also enchanting the tourists. Speaking of Ubud, there are others things that we should know about this region, for there are 7 iconic destinations that worth to be visited. Recently, Ubud is being listed as the 10 finest city in the world, world travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler.

    The region that became the location for Eat, Pray, Love movie cast is having some worth destinations, like:

    Desa Petulu

    In Petulu Village, we can find thousand of long neck crane habitats. These species are peacefully living on the tree along Petulu village. This village was also awarded a Kalpataru by government to keep the habitats of crane.

    Museum Puri Lukisan

    This museum was build in the mid of 1950s, and it keeps thousands of the best painting collections from some Bali art schools.

    Museum Rudana

    This museum is located in Teges and this is the main museum that keep the collection of traditional painting from I Gusti Nyoman Lempad and Affandi.

    Museum Seni Agung Rai (ARMA)

    This museum is the place to keep the collections of Agung Rai. Moreover, we can also watch the traditional Balinese dancing that being performed inside the museum complex every day.

    Taman Wanara Wana: Monkey Forest Ubud

    Located around 26Km from Denpasar, there is a small forest that becomes the habitats of Balinese Monkey that can getting along with the visitors.

    Museum Neka

    Suteja Neka is Balinese art collector. Since 1975, this museum keeps various art collections. The visitors can enjoy the art collections or buy some of the offered painting.

    Museum Antonio Blanco

    This museum is belongs to Spanish painter, Antonio Blanco. After he died, this museum is managed by his son, Mario Blanco, who is also a painter.
    Indonesia Welcoming The World

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    Indonesia Welcoming The World

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