Siapa bilang pantai berpasir putih hanya ada di Bali atau Thailand? Garut, Jawa Barat juga memiliki pantai andalan bernama Santolo. Bagi Anda yang melewati jalur mudik selatan, silahkan mampir untuk membuktikan eksotisme pantai ini.

Is there any white exotic sandy beach in West Java? It's Santolo Beach, everyone.

It has clear and pure sea water with white sandy beach over the clear blue sky, this beach becomes one more mainstream in Garut. Santolo beach is located in 88 Km to Cikelet sub-district, in southern Garut city. It can take 3 hours driving by using car.

Along the journey, we will see the magnificent sightseeing, turning points and trees over the road. Getting closer to the beach, we can smell the fragrance of ocean, the rumble of the waves and the nuance of the beach. Beautiful.
We can enjoying things in Santolo by renting a boat, swimming, camping or just enjoying the nuance.