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    Selecta, East Java Malang - Indonesia

    Selecta is one of interesting tourism object in Batu that crowded by many visitors. It is located in Tulungrejo village, Bumiaji district, about 13 km from the city. Selecta is tourism object that offering the ruthless of air with about 20ha width. This place has swimming pool facility, flowerbed, hotel, restaurant, and playground.

    Selecta built in 1928 by a Dutch named Reyter Dewild. It resides in dale with height of 1100 m dpl. The temperature is 17 C. In this tourism area, there is Bima Sakti Hotel, which has healthy center and resort of the first Indonesia President Soekarno and Moh. Hatta that used to applied the country conception.

    Selecta has various supporting facilities of tourism object, for example swimming pool, restaurants, wide parking area, security, fruits market, Musholla, tennis court, playground, etc. From those points, Selecta has become favorite recreation place for family recreation, picnic activity, refreshing, etc. This area always visited by a lot of tourist to enjoy their holiday and do many recreation activities, such as; swimming, walking around, etc.

    Source: www.eastjava.com

    photo: suwandikcf.files.wordpress.com
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    Photo by: diazgaleri.blogspot.com

    Photo by: travel.detik.com

    Selecta Map

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