Jogjakarta, has many interesting shopping places that you can visit to get various souvenirs ofYogyakarta. Here's a decent shopping you visit while in Yogyakarta:

1. Kasongan. Pottery Shopping
JogjaTerletah Pottery Shopping in the area south of Yogyakarta about 8 km, is a pottery shopping is very popular and up to foreign countries, Kasongan an industrial center of pottery with various models of attractive models. Pottery is sold can be used as indoor and outdoor decoration. When the holidays are always crowded with tourists kasongan local

2. Malioboro
Malioboro JogjaSudah foreign Not Again, Malioboro is the heart of Yogyakarta with a variety of interesting shopping. Various types of Yogyakarta unique goods can be found in Malioboro. Not only department stores but many vendors who present interesting products that you can buy at an affordable price.

3. Center of Leather Industry Manding

Manding shopping Jogja Manding leather is leather industry of interest to you can make your shopping destination. Various products such as dr Leather bags, shoes, jackets, souvenirs, Belts etc can be found on the Manding at a cheaper price. Model models made was not outdated and fashion-able with the reliable quality.

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