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    Gado-Gado Is The Mixed Vegetables With Peanut Sauce

    Gado-gado is a food menu that uses a variety of vegetables with peanut sauce. This food is identical and typical Betawi, served with peanut sauce - which is pounded with salt and brown sugar.

    Various vegetables are then mixed with peanut sauce in ulek. But in Surabaya there are also hodgepodge. Although the mixture of vegetables used is almost the same, but the way to present different spices. Surabaya gado-gado nut seasoning is served by pouring.

    The gado-gado menu is boiled cabbage, long beans, bean sprouts. Sometimes some people add boiled eggs. There are also additional tempeh and tofu that have been fried. Gado-gado is a food that is easily found, especially in street vendors.

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    Sate Klopo - Coconut Satay Surabaya

    One of the best thing in Surabaya is its food street. Surabayanese is kinda different from Jakartanese, or even any other parts in Indonesia. They love something ďoldĒ and traditional. They love food thatís introduced by parents, even great great grandparents. It never changed until now.
    Traditional Surabayanese food has delicious taste, especially the food street. Even though they run through several generations, they still maintain the taste and itís still deliciously unresistable.

    Sate Klopo or Kelapa, means coconut satay in English. Sate Kelapa is basically a beef satay thatís topped with peanut and ketchup gravy, plus coconut sprinkles on top. A lot of people love it because itís rare to find a beef satay Ė with coconut, especially in Surabaya.

    With the price and the portion youíll get, which is 10 skewer of satay. The taste is really good, freshly grilled and you could smell the yummy peanut sauce. Best served while hot, so you might want to eat it fast! The best one served on a leaf, feels like more natural and earthy in a some way.

    This is a street food. So you donít expect a very luxurious place to eat. You need to eat inside of the small stall, or even just stand there on the street. Itís super crowded, whether itís in the morning or in the evening. Get ready to wait patientl.! If you donít like to queue, then come early in the morning and make a take away order, so you could eat it at home.


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