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    40 Most Delicious Indonesian Foods By CNN

    Indonesia nowadays is should be proud for each culinary is getting famous and it has internationally appreciation. Led by Rendang, as one of the most delicious foods conducted by CNN, now there are 40 more foods that International gives appreciation as the most delicious Indonesian foods. They are:

    1. Sambal

    This is may be only a condiment, but for Indonesia people this is the main dish that should be there in every menu. The hot spices of sambal gives the perfect taste on Indonesian dishes.

    2. Sate

    Sate is kind of roasted chicken or meat or fish and it has many variation in some regions. It mostly use skewer from bamboo stick or using lemon grass for Balinese style.

    3. Bakso

    Bakso or meatballs soup is one of street food that will always available at any time after nasi goreng.

    4. Nasi Goreng

    Nasi Goreng or fried rice was already placed as the most delicious Indonesian food after Rendang by CNN. In fact, Nasi goreng is also one of street food and any-time menu in every restaurant.

    5. Gado-gado

    Gado-Gado is kind of vegetable salad that using peanut sauce for the dressing. There are variant of vegetables, tofu, tempe, boiled egg and rice cake. A very complete combination of nutrition.

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    6. Nasi Uduk

    Nasi uduk is one of traditional food that using rice which proceed by using coconut milk and it has some side dishes like fried chicken, omelet, fried caramel tempe and sambal.

    7. Bakmi (traditional Fried Noodle)

    This traditional fried noodle is taste sweet and savory with any kind of protein and vegetable that cook by using Indonesian spices.

    8. Nasi Padang

    Padang is one of area in Sumatra Island, and it famous by its tasty and spicy culinary. We can found Nasi Padang restaurant outside padang area which providing many kind on dishes as a main dish or condiment, and that's all spicy.

    9. Gudeg

    Gudeg is traditional food from Jogjakarta, and it taste sweet. Gudeg is like a jack fruit fermented, together with some protein like egg and chicken meat that cook by using coconut milk.

    10. Ayam Goreng (Traditional Fried Chicken)

    The one that differentiate Indonesian fried chicken with any other style is in the spices. Indonesia fried chicken is fully using some different spices that have been boiled together with the meat before getting deep fried. That is make Indonesian fried chicken moist, tender and spicy.

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    11. Soto

    Soto is one of traditional Indonesian soup. There are two types of Soto, which is chicken and meat. Instead of the main ingredient, those two soto have different texture and taste in the gravy and the way it presented.

    12. Rawon (Black Soup)

    Rawon is kind of soup, which consist of meat in black tasty gravy. The color of black in Rawon is taken from one of spices. that is Kluwak or Kepayang. This main spice is mince together with other spices that make this Rawon becomes so rich in taste.

    13. Pecel Lele

    Lele is Bahasa Indonesia means cat fish. Yes, this is kind of food that using fried cat fish and Sambal as the souce.

    14. Opor Ayam

    Opor Ayam is another chicken based main dish. The meat is being proceed by using some spices and coconut milk. That is why the color of Opor Ayam is always white thick and tasty.

    15. Mie Ayam (Chicken Noodle)

    Different with Bakmi, this noodle is way more simple which using tasty chicken mince for the topping of the noodle.

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    16. Babi Guling (Balinese Roasted Pork)

    This Balinese cuisine has rich and tasty flavor, together with full of spices vegetable a la Bali. Since Indonesian people consist of some different religions, this culinary is forbidden for Muslim people, because it contain of Pork.

    17. Gulai

    There are some variant in Gulai; chicken, meat and fish gulai, but it has one thing in common: spicy. The gravy is thick and rich in spices, and it been proceed in hours to make the meat or chicken tender and soft.

    18. Bubur Ayam (Chicken Porridge)

    Indonesian Chicken porridge has two version, Jakarta and bandung. The differentiation is located in the serving of gravy. Bandung Porridge is not using chicken broth for the gravy but it use raw egg yolk inside the porridge. While Jakarta style is using chicken broth that pouring together with the porridge.

    19. Bakpao

    This culinary is implemented by Chinese cuisine which is a bread filling chicken or peanut paste.

    20. Asinan Sayur

    This is also kind of vegetable salad, by using hot and sour gravy as a dressing sauce.

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    21. Cah Kangkung

    Kangkung is a water spinach that been cook by using garlic, shallot and chilly. This simple dish is usually accompany by other side dish and nasi or rice.

    22. Pepes Ikan

    Pepes is kind of cooking method by using banana leaf as the wrap to steam the main ingredient like fish, chicken or tofu together with grounded spices. Pepes ikan is one of pepes types that using fish as the main ingredient.

    23. Pempek

    Pempek is Palembang traditional food. This food is like fish cake that been deep fried and it serve by using hot and sour gravy. The taste is sweet, sour, savory and refreshing.

    24. Rendang

    Rendang is one of Traditional Padang people that taste very rich and spicy. This food is also became the most delicious food by CNN in previous time.

    25. Tahu Gejrot

    Tahu Gejrot is one of side dishes from West Java. This fried tofu is served by using garlic, shallot, chilly and sour gravy.

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    26. Sop Kambing

    Sop Kambing or Lamb soup, is another rich and spicy soup that usually use the leg of the lamb.

    27. Ikan Bakar

    Ikan bakar or roasted fish is a common dish that can be found in some seafood restaurant, by using traditional taste of Indonesia.

    28. Sayur Daun Pepaya

    This vegetable is made by Papaya leave, together with some Indonesian spices. The taste of papaya leave and the spices will bring the sensation of bitter sweet and savory.

    29. Otak-otak

    Otak-otak is like other fish cake that been wrapped by banana leaf and roasted before serving. There is light and spicy peanut sauce for the dressing.

    30. Bebek Goreng (Traditional Fried Duck)

    Just like traditional fried chicken, this Bebek goreng or duck fried is also has spices and rich taste. In serving, the duck is always served together with hot rice and additional tasty sauce and sambal.

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    31. Gorengan

    Goreng means fry, and Gorengan is typical of street food that been fried as a snack or condiment. There numbers of Gorengan that we can be found, like tofu, tempe or soy been cake, banana, sweet potato, or mix vegetable. We can eat gorengan together with shrimp paste sauce or with fresh chilly.

    32. Siomay

    This food is traditionally coming from Bandung or around West Java. It consist of fish cake, boiled egg, steam cabbage and potato; and it served using coconut sauce.

    33. Lontong Sayur

    Lontong is a rice cake that served with vegetable and coconut milk dressing.

    34. Ketoprak

    Ketoprak is similar to Gado-gado but it has different color and ingredient in vegetables.

    35. Sayur Asem

    This soup is consist of vegetables and light sour gravy.

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    36. Martabak

    There are two types of Martabak; sweet and salty. In this picture is kind of salty martabak, which like omelet wrapped with mince chives.

    37. Domestic Instant Noodle

    38. Terong Balado

    Terong balado is an egg plan that cook with hot and spice sambal

    39. Perkedel

    Perkedel is a tasty potato cake with mince meat inside.

    40. Sop Buntut

    Sop buntut is another soup with oxtail stew. It tasty and refreshing.

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    Lontong Balap And Semanggi Surabaya

    The streets during the day in Surabaya city was not complete if it does not taste the typical food of Surabaya named Lontong Balap. This meal consists of rice cake, bean sprouts, fried tofu, lentho, fried onions, soy sauce and chili sauce. Lontong Balap is more delicious when served with spicy scallop sate petis sauce and young coconut ice as the beverage.

    The other typical food that can only be encountered in Surabaya, clover leaf salad served in pincuk banana leaves, consts of several kinds of vegetables such as leaf clover, bean sprouts and sprinkled with sauce made from sweet potatoes along with chili according to buyer's request, you will enjoy it with crackers pulley (made of rice). The clover salad seller usually is a middle-aged woman bring a basket on her back and peddled around Surabaya.

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