The beach which is one line of coast in the area of ​​Konda Maloba with the captivating charm of white sand. Visitors can enjoy the white grains of sand along the beach, fine granulated descry exotic impression ini.Pengunjung can play on the beach sand and sunbathe on this beach.

Hippie beach. Coral reefs are still good can be found on the beach iniyang located approximately 1 km from the beach which is a row of beach Aili Konda Maloba. Natural reef conditions have enting role in the life cycle of marine flora and fauna in particular and the welfare of society at large. The function of the coral reef that is: as a coastal protection from the blows of the waves, thereby reducing abrasion, where spawning, fish berkembangbiakan, shelter and refuge for marine flora and fauna. Activities that can be done is diving, reef fish species to observe and look for sea grass that thrives in this area.

GREEN TURTLE (Chelonia mydas) can be found on this beach that has the support of the ecological conditions and habitat for green turtles. This beach has its own characteristics which are spaced 500 m from the beach there is a barrier that creates a good reef ecosystems.
in the presence of tidal currents and areas that are always flooded to grow a variety of marine vegetation. Adult green turtles are herbivorous sea turtle and its main food is seaweed or algae. Several factors support the hippie beach as a habitat for green turtles were: the abundance of feed in the form of marine vegetation and a natural reef ecosystems.
Position hippie beach that juts into the sea cause large waves pounding so as to facilitate the landing of sea turtles. The size of sand grains that are ideal to smooth the sand in the process of laying eggs.