Waterfalls in the Land Park area Manupeu Daru has the advantage of the beauty of the trajectory of a stratified water so that water droplets spread in different directions. Discharge water that is always stable throughout the season up beautifully verdant moss and plants around the object falls.
Things you can do is enjoy the beautiful waterfall with a picture taken, doing massage and feel the cold water with a water bath at about a waterfall that is relatively safe for visitors.

Laipopu way to the waterfall where it provides its own challenges that will reach every tourist attraction is faced with a suspension bridge made of bamboo, and passes down the watery path composed of stands of woody trees. to achieve Laipopu Waterfall can be taken approximately 45 minutes from the settlement through a varied trail.

Another potential that can be enjoyed by tourists is a parrot habitat, landscape of paddy fields and the crafts community desaKatikuloku of woven fabric and webbing.
Access to the location of the falls is relatively easy, can reach the village of Waikabubak Katikuloku with public transportation for approximately 60 minutes. Roads that form the asphalt road and street pavement. While tourists from the city can be via the route Waingapu Waingapu-Waikabubak-Katikuloku to use the roads.

Source: tnmanupeu.blogspot.com