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    Merapi Bamboo House - Great Spot for Selfie with Beautiful Natural Panorama

    "Omah Bambu Merapi" (in Javanese), which in English means Merapi Bamboo House, is a new tourist destination at the foot of Merapi Mountain. This place is at the beginning of Merapi Mountain climbing route via Lencoh Village, Selo Sub-district, Boyolali, Central Java. A large house with towers of view from a collection of high bamboo is ready to welcome tourists there. The building is nicely designed, similar to customary settlements that are made of bamboo with equipped hallway and viewing tower. At the beginning of the opening in August 2016, there were still two towers. But now it's more than 15 photo spots from the viewing tower, the hallway, to the balcony.

    By paying 10,000 Rupiah per person, tourists can freely take pictures and enjoy the beauty of the panorama around the foot of Merapi Mountain. If the morning and the weather are sunny, tourists can see no less than seven mountain peaks from the highest main tower here. The morning is the best view. In addition to sunrise from the sidelines of the mountain, visitors also can see plasticity until seven mountain peaks. There are Merbabu Mountain, Merapi Mountain, Ungaran Mountain, Lawu Mountain, as well as Slamet Mountain, Sindoro Mountain, and Sumbing Mountain in the north.

    To reach the highest peak, you need to climb four floors. Peak tower only capacity of four people only. Tourists need to queue up before climbing to the highest floor. The bamboo that is used to assemble these towers is a strong old bamboo for many years. Among the towers, there is also a net as a security facility if there are tourists who fell. However, this destination is very scary for those who are afraid of heights. In addition to being in the highlands, the tower was stuck more than five meters.

    For tourists who are afraid of heights, you can take pictures at the bottom with a plantation background. There are also other spots, such as bamboo tunnels, bamboo bridges, love stones, and more. For those who want to take photos here, the best time is in the morning and afternoon. However, do not worry, because this destination is open 24 hours.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com
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