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    Sari Temple, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

    Candi Sari means a beautiful temple. Just like its name, this temple is a gorgeous temple that its shape is slender and beautiful. Its top consists of nine identical stupas in three levels. Sari Temple is located 150 meters on the north east of Kalasan Temple. It was found in damage and then in 1929, the temple was renovated until 1930. The body of the temple is square shaped on size 17,30 x 10 x 17 meter facing to the east, with stairs as the east entrance. On each side of the temple there is a window.
    Inside the body, there are three rooms, each connected through a door. The temple was probably leveled, and the top level was made of wood. This is known from holes on the body of the temple to place the tip of the woods.

    On the north wall and the south ground room, there is relung accessoried by kalamakara. On the out side of the temple, there are 36 statues of Boddhisatva and Tara (8 on the East, 8 on the South, 8 on the North, and 12 on the West). Mostly the statue is in Tribangga position and holding red and blue lotus. The out wall of the temple is full of bajralepa. Based on the statue and relief of the Gods, we know that the religious background of Sari Temple is Buddha. Moreover, the room division indicates that the temple was used as vihara (monks’ boarding house). The year of the establishment is not yet known, but from the data of the existence of the vihara in the Kalasan epigraph, we can guess the temple is in the same era with Kalasan Temple, from 8th century.

    Source: travelindo.com

    photo: yacob-ivan.blogspot.com

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