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    Banyunibo Temple, Sleman - Yogyakarta - Indonesia

    Banyunibo Temple lies around the ruins of Palace of Queen Boko, precisely on the middle of rice field at Dusun Cepit, Bokoharjo, Prambanan. From Ratu Boko, it is only about 2 kilometers on the southwest. Banyunibo temple is also popular as “Si Sebatang Kara Banyu Nibo” or “the Solitude Banyu Nibo” due to its remote location among the other temples.

    The temple was built since 9th century, the building consists of one main temple which faces to the west and six perwara temples in stupa shape lining on the south and east side of the main temple. Each stupa is almost the same, that is 4,80 m x 4,80 m. Based on the shape of the temple's top and the perwara in stupa, we can conclude that the religious background of Banyunibo Temple is Buddha.

    The main temple sizes 15,325 m x 14,25 m and 14,25 meter in height. The body is smaller than its foot, therefore there is corridor around the temple. On the west side, there is door wall with stairs in the middle of it, functions as entrance to the temple's room.

    Banyunibo temple is a temple which is full of ornaments that almost on its part is decorated with many ornaments and relieves. On the right side of door wall, there is relief of a woman who is surrounded by children. On the left side, there is a man sitting. Both describe Hariti, goddess of fertility in Buddha and her husband, Vaisaravana.

    Outside of the temple's body, there is statue of Boddhisatva. On the north, east, and south of the wall, there are framed-relungs with accessories of kala-makara to place the statue.

    Source: travelindo.com

    photo: yacob-ivan.blogspot.com

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    Video by: kickantony

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    thats small temple , nevent go there , but seem quite interesting

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