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    Peucang Island, Ujung Kulon National Park - Banten - Indonesia

    A warm welcome to the Peucang tropical Island - Where you desire may be to simple relax and unwind on our tropical island beach, while you enjoy a refreshing drink and soak up an amazing red sunset of the park and if the trill of discovery is your desire, our professional team will guide you to explored the wonder of Ujung Kulon through canoeing, trekking, beaches, rainf forest, blue lagoon, cruising or snorkeling through school of fish over vividly colorful unspoiled coral garden, experience the fine sea food cuisine and friendly nature of the park or after watching the last of the sun dip down into the Indian Ocean, relax around an open fire with a seafood BBQ or take a stroll along the beach and sample some enjoy the night by dancing around the bonfire and gazing at the stars.

    It offers the perfect location to relax and to spend a memorable time here in Peucang island is Peucang Island - Ujung Kulon Tour - Peucang Island tourism, Adventureone of island at Ujung Kulon National Park, right in the famous of the largest and most beautiful world heritage site in Indonesia. The island is located in a very private and quiet surroundings provides you with a very comfortable base from where to enjoy everything that the area has to offer adventure tour.! , sharing this whole beach with only another single eco lodge Privacy can be assured at our lodget since we only offer 15 units Air conditioner rooms and 10 standard rooms. If you like it quiet and far away from the crowds, this is the right place. The island suits young families as well as couples and all friends of nature, providing a breathtaking sea view over the surrounding islands and wildlife observation. The island is just a 3 hours by wooden boat from Sumur port or Tanjung Lesung resort or by fast boat from the famous main tourist centre Carita beach. the island offer you adventure activity such as : Trekking, cruising, canoeing, wildlife observation, diving, snorkeling, surfing and camping.!

    Peucang island is a small but very beautiful off the north western coastline of the National park, unique and pleasant tropical island with a white sandy beach, blue coastal waters and enchanting coral reefs. Various species of wild animals are found inits forest. Peucang island is one of the country's tourist resorts suitable for ecotourism and marine tourism activities, as well as adventure. "Peucang" is the local word for barkingdeer, as hundreds of barking deer are found in its dense tropical forest, along with other wild animals, like monkeys, hornbill, monitor lizards and wild boars.

    Whist beautiful lost paradise has been the most wanted place to visit. It is the first Indonesian national park and was declared as one of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992. It is also the home of the almost extinct one-horn Javanese Rhino, In here, you will enjoy snorkeling at the natural beach, or even diving at a beautiful diving site, canoeing at the forest river, trekking through the jungle and sightseeing wild animals. But not much visitor realize the beauty of the sea floor which you can see just only snorkeling along the beach. Beauty and amaze for it coral reef and the inhabitants, that is the sea floor. And if you get up from the sea there is something else waiting, it is the green mountain and hill flourish with the rain forest tree which will make you eyes and you mind to full relaxation.

    If venturing a few miles away is captivating, then the fantastic island, respected art museums and performing arts, and abundant wildlife are also what make Peucang island so appealing to travelers. As the evening approaches, the beach beckons once again for a view of the spectacular sunsets from the shores. Watching the beautiful sunsets gives a feeling of tranquility that inspires a restful and peaceful night’s sleep. With services to accommodate most any visitor, including Flora and Fauna friendly rooms, Peucang island lodge offers flora A and B lodge six superior units, rooms ranging from efficiencies to two-bedroom deluxe. Each unit has a double or twin bedded unit bathroom, air conditioner, refrigerator, private terraces and a spacious communal lounge room

    Peucang Island provide answers to all the possible queries thrown by the travelers. Enjoy your vacation in your desired way As you are taking up eco vacation, we will take utmost care of your expectations to enjoy a vacation full of fun and excitement. Depending upon your accommodation requirements, we book rooms in advance. Whether you seek a luxury accommodation or just a simple cottage accommodation, we are committed to take care of your every little accommodation requirement suitably meeting your budget. Indulge into recreation of your choice We vouchsafe that excitement of discovering famous ecological spots of Indonesia taste sweet to our customers. The large gamut of thoroughly exciting and adventurous eco activities, which you enjoy on tour, are meant to manifold your vacationing experience. visit Krakatau, Ujung Kulon World Heritage Site, Baduy Tribe, Panaitan Island, enjoy your trip and make it as unforgettable holiday! Here begins the realization your dreams.

    Source: peucangisland.com

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