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    Wediombo Beach, Fishing on The Coral Reef

    Wediombo beach offer views of superb beaches. The sea is still blue, unlike other tourist beaches until the water has been contaminated green. White sand is still very well preserved, decorated with shells left conch. Atmosphere is also very quiet beach, away from the hectic traveler sunbathing or passing vehicles. The right place to remove saturated.

    Wediombo Jepitu located in the Village, District Girisubo, Gunung Kidul. The beach is very easy to reach from junction Tepus before heading to Siung, then turn right to follow the flow path to find the sign to turn right to go Wediombo.

    The location of this beach is below the surrounding land. Before reaching the beach and enjoy the beauty of the panorama, we will go through several steps, on either side of the visible several fields, homes and remaining mangrove vegetation.

    Other sights we will see that fishing on the high cliff. It is far from the beach so had to walk to the east along the coast, up and down the reef at the edge of the rugged coast, slippery and sometimes big waves slammed, then up again to the top of the cliff face to face with the deep sea.

    According to local residents, large fish are often obtained by local tourists, such as fish or fish shark Panjo in the local lingo. For those who do not have a chance fishing but want to buy as souvenirs. Panjo Some anglers catch fish to sell for USD $ 4000.00 per head. Some people offer to cook the fish if you want to taste it immediately.

    Package Panjo fried fish dishes are also available. Rice, a fish that has been sliced ​​fried Panjo little raw with sambal sold very cheap, only Rp 8000.00. The rice was served in a small basket, while the sauces in the mortar.

    Levy entered the beach only Rp 5000.00 for two people plus car parking. If you want to stay or hold a ceremony attended by a small group of people, there is a hut which is located not far from the stalls that line the beach.

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