Visiting attractions Lubuak Bonta baths, located in the surroundings Tarok Kenagarian Kapalo Hilalang, District 2 X 11 Wood Plant Pariaman led to the natural scenery is so impressive.

The sound of gurgling water ditingkahi small fish that are always dancing merrily, making us feel at home for a long time to fill the time, enjoying the beautiful natural atmosphere nan in Lubuak Bonta. Natural scenic beauty baths Lubuak Bonta, feels more complete with the presence of a mini waterfall, with a motion so graceful, and able to leave a deep impression on the visitors who witnessed it.

Waterfall flourish in this place, as well as a desire to invite every visitor to come back to the baths Lubuak Bonta. To arrive at the bathhouse Lubuak Bonta is not all that difficult, the distance is close enough, from state road the Padang Bukittinggi, (ranging from about 5 miles of country roads, red) making baths attraction Lubuak Bonta, so easy to reach the visitors.

Baths Attraction Bonta Lubuak sourced from mountain spring water, it consists of two main pools. One of them is located at the bottom and the other one is at the top. Only later visitors are usually more likely to bathe in the depths of which are at the top, because in addition to the water is not very deep, in the region visitors can also enjoy the springs in large sizes and bumpy which directly emerge from the soil surface.

However, deep down at the bottom of the well frequented by visitors because in addition to water deep enough in the region also Lubuak scenery, it is also so interesting to be enjoyed, especially with a bluish water. 'If it's not usually seen the bottom of the surface, but because the water was quite shallow so the condition is currently a little different,' the light of local residents, Sudirman.

Especially recently, the road to the region has also recently been repaired, by district governments Padangpariaman. This feels more and pamper guests, so the sooner arrived at the scene Lubuak Bonta attraction.

As one of the objects that exist in Padangpariaman baths, Bonta Lubuak attraction was already known since a long time. Even in an era of 70-80, the object of bathing is so popular among the people. Not only Padangpariaman society, but also the people who come from different areas in West Sumatra, atapun people who come from various provinces in the country.

When even this attraction Lubuak Bonta also still a major prima donna, the tourists who visit Padangpariaman. Whether it's on a Sunday, or any other holiday on the side towards the entry of the holy month of Ramadan, or also known as balimau season. In fact, the same as in previous years, when the season this year balimau Lubuak attraction Bonta, also predicted would overrun the visitors.

So local residents, has tried to initiate the youth to fix the area attraction Lubuak Bonta independently. It certainly can not be separated from the desire to pamper visitors who want balimau to this place.

The water is crystal clear, cool air support located at the waist makes Gunuang Tandikek Lubuak Bonta attraction became one of the main choices of society, either on holiday or just for fun bath drenched with peers, or other family members.

In fact, not far from area attractions such Bonta Lubuak visitors can also see the hill has ever known with buleknya home. A strategic place, making the visitors can freely watch the panorama of nature, even though watching the high seas. Even Katapiangpun International Airport can also be seen clearly from this region.

It helped to support visitor attraction to attraction Lubuak Bonta. Especially in an era of 70-80, the visitors are even willing to queue, to enter the area attractions Lubuak Bonta