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    Carocok Beach, West Sumatra - Indonesia

    Carocok beach is located adjacent to the western town of Painan, located approximately 2 miles from the market Painan. The beach is very famous in western Sumatra and Indonesia, some people compare the beauty of this beach with beach peninsula kra in malaysia.

    In the coastal area attractions Carocok Painan also there is a rock island that is connected with the tip of the hill Langkisau, namely Kareta stone island. Kareta first stone island can only be achieved when the tide receded, but since the construction of the bridge by the local government, then it can be achieved at any time.

    It's not just about 200 meters to the west coast Carocok have a small, historic island, the island cingkuk. On this island we can find traces of the ruins of the Portuguese fort. According to the history of Portuguese menjejakan first foot on the coast of Sumatra island is the island this cingkuk.

    In addition to the Portuguese fort on the island there is also a tomb of the existing Portuguese inscriptions. The small island of white sand and the water is very clean and very quiet is very crowded by people to travel especially during holidays. Various activities can be done in this cingkuk island from sea water bathing, diving to fishing can be done here.

    To reach the island is not difficult, you simply stand at the end of the bridge Carocok Painan beach resort located in front of cingkuk island, some outboard engined boat builders will come to you, offering his services to deliver you to the island Cingkuk.cukup cost 5,000, - per person.

    Back to the beach Carocok painan.saat the most beautiful on the beach at sunset, Carocok Painan is going tengelam, orange sunset panorama that bounced over the surface of the ocean is very nice Indonesia witnessed here.

    To reach the beach location Carocok is not very difficult, from the desert, the provincial capital of West Sumatra town of Painan you go, the capital of the southern coastal districts. Arriving at the town of Painan you go west of the city or Carocok then you are greeted by the gate Carocok Painan beach.
    Problem Painan place to stay in the city available few guesthouses, as well as a place to eat. So you do not have to worry about when visiting Painan.

    Congratulations to visit.

    Source: efnidewita.blogspot.com

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