Baksa Kembang Dance

Baksa Kembang dance is a typical of classic dance that originating coming from Banjar Palace, South Kalimantan. In the past, this dance was performed by the royal princesses, but today, everyone in Banjar can perform this ancient dance.

Baksa Kembang dance was having purpose to be the entertainment show for royal family and to be the welcome dance for the guest of honor like other king and princes. Today, this dance is being held to welcome the state officers or ministries at national day celebrations.

Moreover, this Beksa Kembang dance is also perform at the wedding ceremony or other celebration in Banjar communities. This dance is having properties like a pair of Bogam flower, that consist of a bouquet of roses, jasmine, cempaka and cananga. Those Bogam flowers will be presented to the guest of honor after the dance performed.

Baksa Kembang dance is always performed in odd numbers like 3, 5, 7 and so on, and this dance is followed by traditional instrument of drum and Gamelan. There are some version in Baksa Kembang, like Tapung Tali, Jumanang or Lagureh. This is happened because of on each branch is having typical characteristic that differ from others.