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    Al Mashun Grand Mosque, Medan - Indonesia

    Al Mashun Grand Mosque is another prominent religious attractions in the city of Medan is located on Masjid Raya Street, about two hundred meters from the location of the Maimun Palace. Al Mashun Grand Mosque built in the reign of Sultan Al Rashid Perkasa Alamsyah Ma’mum of the Deli Sultanate, the Sultanate of Deli land compensation fund that is used as a tobacco plantation area which was opened by a Dutch planter named Nienhuys in 1865.

    Grand Mosque Al Mashun, with Moroccan-style design. Arstitek designer at the beginning was van Erp, who also designed the Palace Maimun, but then Dingemans appointed to draft a mosque after van Erp summoned to Java to help the work of restoration of Borobudur temple in Central Java. This mosque construction work began on August 21, 1906, and inaugurated during the Friday prayer on September 10, 1909.

    Location :
    Masjid Raya Street, Medan.
    About 200 meters from the Maimun Palace, 10 km from the Polonia Airport, Medan.

    Source: thearoengbinangproject.com

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    Al Mashun Grand Mosque Video

    Video by: kevin3434343434

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