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    Baluran National Park

    Baluran is a 25 hectare National Park located in Situbondo, East Java. Baluran national Park is a perfect combination of a mountain view, a vast savanna, coral and white sand beach and many species of plantations and animals all at once. Baluran is situated 250 km away from Surabaya. Thus it needs approximately 5 hours to reach Baluran from Surabaya.Baluran offers you an adventure in exploring the savanna and the forest, even the wild life of Africa van Java. The night safari will take you to a challenging experience of the wild night life and unpolluted night sky which will unite the explorer into the nature. The calm beach with its corals adds the perfection of Explore Baluran adventure.


    Best time to Explore Baluran is on March – November every year.
    Ask for a ranger when you want to explore the area of Baluran National Park.
    Wear mountaineering footgear to ease your trekking activity.
    Bring mineral drinking water, snack and food due to the limited food stock in Baluran National Park.
    Bring your personal medicines.
    Bring flashlight or other lighting tools and back up battery for your electronics and gadgets (cell phone, camera, handy cam, and notebook) because the electricity is available only 5 hours from 6.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.
    Use mosquito repellent lotion.
    Bring sufficient cash money because the nearest ATM is in the town of Situbondo or Banyuwangi.

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