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    Strawberry Walk of Bandung

    Strawberry, a kind of fruit with collaboration of sweet and fresh acid taste, with its tempting red color. FYI, Bandung - as an undefeatable creative city - have its own unique way to enjoy these strawberries. Not only the culinary experience you'll get here, you're going to have a concept of agrotourism of Bandung strawberry park and feel the sensation of becoming the strawberry farmer. Ah, it seems fun, isn't it?

    Wanna erase your hectic mind of your daily city activity, guys? These strawberry garden will be pretty faithful just to wait for you, guys! And now, our happy team of bandungreview.com are going to give you a spoiler about an exciting strawberry walk adventure spots! So, let's check out the following info, guys!

    All About Strawberry of Cihanjuang
    The location is quite faraway from the urban congestion, placed at Cihanjuang area, Cimahi. And with a very affordable price, you can enjoy your fun family-time with the recreation facilities which is available there. Based on many experiences, at first you step on that area, you'll get a free welcome drink, a glass of fresh strawberry juice. Woow, it's a kind of strawberry heaven, mate! Besides this strawberry walk, you can also meet the fun outdoor recreation here, from Cowboy House - which has an unique decoration and also Indian statue in front of the house - Factory Outlet, swimming pool, Tree House, to the outdoor recreational such as Strawberry Air, Flying Fox and also Rafting time, and it make a memorable moment of your today's holiday. Feel a hunger? Don't worry, guys! Because you can taste the Sundanese cuisine here, with also a traditional snacks such as colenak, tahu gejrot and banana cheese. Pick your own strawberries, get some fresh air and snacking-time here! What a complete holiday!

    Strawberry Picking of Ciwidey
    Being a part of Southern Bandung's tourism spot, this area which contain many strawberry garden has a perfect location to visit. They also being accompanied by a very cool temperature and also have an awesome green sight all along the road. These picking strawberries-activity have been cultivated in Ciwidey since 1997, and they have attracted so many consumers that come from all over directions - not only come from Bandung, but also from another city of Indonesia. FYI, at this area, strawberry plant grow perfectly and produces a very delicious taste. With a price less than Rp.50.000,- you can get one kilogram of strawberries here. In fact, if you want to grow these strawberries at your own garden, you can buy the seedlings here. What a suitable spot for have a fun agrotourism, right?

    Lembang's Strawberry Walk
    Here it come, another agro-tourism which have an interesting idea too, guys! The strawberry walk of Lembang. Most fun thing about this concept, you can get your own satisfaction of choosing your own strawberries, and believe us, that it'll create an own unforgetable experience on your mind. FYI, these strawberry walk concepts are scattered at many points of Lembang, such as Cihideung, Kayu Ambon, Maribaya and also Tangkuban Parahu. As the spoiler, you must visit our recommend strawberry-place, it refers to Rumah Strawberry which is located in Cihideung. All about strawberry menus, strawberry walk concept and also craving for the tasty "nasi liwet" (a kind of rice cuisine), waaw, it really feels like a holiday, guys!

    Amazing! OK clickers, we've given you the info, and it seems fun to spend your family-trip to this kind of strawberry agrotourism. Let's refresh your mind and get ready to have a fun strawberry hunt at these awesome spots. Get your picnic bag, pick your perfect strawberries and prepare the camera for the documentation, happy holiday, clickers! (CS)

    source: bandungreview.com

    photo by: uniqpost.com

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