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    The Exotic Underwater World of The Togean Islands

    For tourists, sea and beach lovers the Togean islands are an unmissable destination during a visit to Sulawesi. The islands are located in the Togean marine park of the Tojo Unauna district, Central Sulawesi. There you will enjoy fantastic views of the exotic underwater world, with diverse species of coral and crab, including “kenari” crabs- both beautiful and rare.

    There is a lot for you to do on these islands, such as basking in the tropical suns warmth, fishing, sailing, swimming and scuba diving which can be done anytime. The presence of this densely wooded cluster of both large and small islands, occupied by wild pigs and the Tangkasi, along with Bajo tribe settlements all increasingly complement the natural beauty of this place. The daily activities of the local fishermen and the rows of holiday cottages along the beaches also add to the beauty of the Togean scenery.

    The small islands also have clean, white sandy beaches, a great place for tourists who enjoy sunbathing while savoring the sunset. The beauty of the Togean Islands will make visiting tourists immediately fall in love. Its natural beauty will make you choose to stay longer than you originally planned. The Togean Islands are in the middle of the Tomini Bay, these islands are covered with unspoiled forests which have become a refuge for the animals in it. Very interesting for those of you who want a relaxing holiday.

    Togean is the only place in Indonesia which has three different reef environments all existing in the same place. The three reefs present are- atolls, barrier reefs and beach reefs which are all luscious habitats of marine flora and fauna. An atoll is an island, or islands, of coral that encircles a lagoon. A barrier reef is a row of coral reef that encircle an island resembling a fortification or sea wall which 'protects' the islands from the brunt of sea waves.

    This tall coral, from the base up to the sea level reaches 200m , In this archipelago there Batudaka Island, which is the largest and most easily achieved in the islands Togean. On this island there are two villages -Bomba and Wakai. Bomba is a residential area located at the northwestern tip of the Togean Islands. But the main tourist destination is Kadidiri Island near Wakai.

    A few miles inland there are waterfalls. Tourists can make an enjoyable trip to the waterfalls through the villages located in this region. Kadidiri Island which is located not far from Wakai, is the central place for tourists visiting the Togean Islands. This island is most popular among tourists for its excellent beaches with snorkelling and great diving spots. Also there is lots of cheap lodging available, and on the west coast of the island coconut crabs can be found among the steep rock.

    A first rate settlement in the Togean Islands is that of the village of Katupat- containing a small market and numerous shops. Around Katupat there is the most beautiful beach along with a place for trekkers who are already bored of diving, swimming and snorkeling.

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    Togean Island Diving

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