Brahu temple is the biggest temple in Trowulan. Brahu is supposed come from “Wanaru” or “Warahu”, which is name of holly building that mentioned in a cooper inscription “Alasanta” that found in west side of this temple. Brahu temple is made of red bricks and plain without decoration. It is located in Jambu Menta sub-village, Bejijong village, Trowulan district, Mojokerto regency.

The temple that looks out on west is rectangle building with 22,5 m length, 18 m width, and 20 m height. Its building consist three part, which is foot, body and roof. Seen from its style, this temple is supposed to Buddha temple that built in 15 century. Based on Mpu Sendok inscription (861 Saka or 9 September 939 M), this temple is place to burn Kings Brawijaya death body (crematorium). But in some research, they never found any death body ash in the temple. The restoration of this temple is done in 1990 – 1995.