On the walk to the waterfall you will pass paddy fields in different stages of the planting and harvesting cycle of rice crops. Vanilla, coffee candle nut and cacao can also be seen along the trail. The last, steep part of the walk is down a trail in a tropical rain forest.

How to get to Cunca Wulang:

Located approximately 30 km east of Labuan Bajo, West Flores
Travel by rental car using a local driver and guide
By Bemo (public transport) or Ojek (motorbike taxi)

Follow the main road from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng. After 26 km you will reach Cekonobo where you must turn left, heading downhill towards Wersawe village. The distance from the crossing to Wersawe is 4 km. The cobble-stone road is only passable by four-wheel-drive vehicles or Ojek (motorbike taxi).

For one-day trips we recommend walking from the main road to Wersawe village (50 minutes). From there, it takes another 40 minutes to the main waterfall. Many young local villagers are eager to act as your guides.

Follow the beautiful canyon for 1 km downstream, enjoying beautiful swimming pools, cascades and a series of smaller waterfalls along the way. Daring swimmers can enjoy jumping from the canyon walls to the water holes. Be sure to check the depth of the water holes before diving and ask the local guide for the safest locations.

The services of a local guide are needed to combine a trip to Cunca Wulang with the Rodak limestone caves. The rough, single trail travels up and down through dense rain forest, taking about an hour to get from the canyon to the caves.

Practical tips:

- There are no restaurants or local food stalls operating in this area
- Bring your own picnic and water supplies
- Donít forget to bring your suit and gear for swimming
- If you intend to visit the caves, be sure to bring a good flashlight
- Young local villagers in Wersawe are eager to serve as your guides to the waterfall and caves

Source: floreskomodo.com