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    Samalona Island, South Sulawesi - Indonesia

    Samalona is a small island in the Straits of Makassar, precisely on the southwest coast of South Sulawesi . Administratively, this island including the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi. Position more precisely located on the west district Wajo, Makassar, a distance of approximately 2 km and can be seen clearly from these districts. To reach this island could use fishing boats (boats with outboard engines) and required travel time not more than 0.5 hours. On this island stands a lighthouse that is used as a sign of land boundary for big ships.

    Samalona is an archipelago that could be seen clearly from the Citadel Fort Rotterdam in the area Keling - Makassar. Mandalika is only 500 meters from the edge of the cliff fortress Fort Rotterdam. Samalona Island is a cluster of circular coral island with an area of 2.34 hectares. This small island is one nautical tourist destination visited by many local and foreign tourists. White sand and crystal clear water make this island perfect for sunbathing. In addition, this island is very good area for diving (diving), because there are around coral reefs inhabited by diverse marine tropical fish, colorful, and other marine biota.
    The best time to tour the island Samalona is from February to October.

    The island is saving a million mystery about his wreck of the ship-relics of World War II. There are about seven boats that sank in the area of this island, among them: Maru ship, owned by a Japanese warship sank at a depth of about 30 meters; ship Lancaster Bomber which also sank at a depth of about 30 meters; submarine hunter (gunboat) Japanese-owned ; Hakko Maru cargo ship made in the Netherlands, and Japan's submarines. Wrecked ships have been transformed into a reef and became a "house" or "residence" for hundreds of diverse marine life forms, and type and color that is very admirable. The beauty of this is the major attraction for tourists to come swim in the carcasses of the shipwreck.

    In addition to the mystery and beauty of the marine park, tourists can also watch the sunrise (sunrise) and sunset (sunset) at a similar position. In this island, tourists can also enjoy the delights of a variety of fresh seafood cooked in a way that is quite unique, that is placed on top of coconut shell and then covered with deciduous trees that grow around the island. In this way, the smell of charcoal smoke wafted immediately and could arouse appetite.

    At this location is a simple lodging house-shaped stage that can accommodate about 20 people. In addition, several small dining is also available that provides a variety of fresh seafood. Samalona Island is about 6.8 km from the city of Makassar, and can be reached in about 20-30 minutes by speed boat with a capacity of maximum 12 people.

    Source: bestindonesiaislands.com


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