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    Nirvana Beach, Southeast Sulawesi - Indonesia

    Nirvana Beach is an area of the marine tourism object is located on the west side of the town of Bau-Bau of the richness and uniqueness, as a beach, which has several advantages in the world of marine tourism is a treatment seawater, “therapy nirvana beach seawater only, imagine, and blacks who do therapy, sunbathe and soak in water with the sea beach nirvana, then it will be a soft black “said the mayor was then the confidence of the people of Bau-Bau to escort Fragrant City for the second time.

    Enter and explore the underwater world nirvana beach, we marveled at the beauty of the landscape that holds immense mystery of beauty that can not be found on the ground, groups of corals, fish and other marine organisms dollars will be a distinct vision for all who witnessed it.

    White sand beach with a length of over 1 km of this stretch, which contain millions of amazing secrets at any time or position located along the coast nirvana area attractions, ranging from 10 meters into the sea the beach, views coral reefs, which are separate from any single point that there is no shore diving nirvana, here is no such thing skate market, where we talked over the plethora of small and appropriate average for about 5 meters from the surface of the water table or a sea cliff, sea turtles, barracuda fish, large and small, soft corals, and are not pulling Ada Kalan we can play or Claw fish catch the fish (clown fish) are so beautiful and nice, and immense beauty of the world’s underwater beauty I will not be able tension between the letters of the word but still, jumping and enjoy the incredible sensation of coastline in preview nirvana, “said the writer who has now nirvana beach as one of the favorite places that have always visited the margin that a mayor committed photographer of Bau-Bau.

    Nirvana Beach overlooking the sea bottom that has a beauty biaota biaota several of the sea can be developed in a special area of nautical tourism, which also acts as the arrival of shock Arud local and foreign tourists who have only the town of Bau- Bau as a transit area for Wakatobi especially tourists who want to visit and enjoy the underwater scenery.


    Source: indonesiantourobject.com

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