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    Moramo Waterfall, Southeast Sulawesi - Indonesia

    Moramo Waterfall was located in Tanjung Peropa Nature Reserve Region. To be precise in the Sumber Sari Village, Moramo Subdistrict, Konawe South Regency, South-East Sulawesi, Indonesia. Moramo Waterfall was an amazing nature gift for Konawe Selatan Regency community, South-East Sulawesi. Moramo Waterfall had seven stages that were the place of water flowed freely. According to the story that developed in the community, this place was believed as the fairies bathed place that descended from heaven.

    Geographically, Moramo Waterfall was located in the Alam Tanjung Peropa National Park region that also was the tourist attraction at the same time as the area of the protected forest in South-East Sulawesi. So, air around the waterfall felt cool as well as produced the peaceful atmosphere for the tourists. In this waterfall region, was gotten the potential for the wealth of the nature stone took the form of marble. Estimated, the content of this marble on the whole revolved 860 billion cubic meters. And, marble in this region was one of the sources of the biggest marble reserve in the world.

    Moramo Waterfall was the beautiful stratified waterfall (cascade) with height around 100 meters. From this height, water flowed through seven main stages. Beside 7 main stages, also gotten 60 small stages that at the same time functioned as the place of the water reception (a kind of water reservoir). From many ponds, just one that could be made use to swim, that is the pond that was located in the second level from 7 main stages of this waterfall.

    In this region was the ideal habitat for varied of birds, colored butterfly, and other several of faunas. Beauty of the nature panorama, the waterfall, the chirping of birds and combined with varied colors of butterfly dance, became the attraction of the Moramo Waterfall region. The attraction that was not inferior attracted from this waterfall was the attraction of the stone that formed the stage. The stone that formed this stage was not slippery although being passed through water continually, so the tourists who visited to this location could climb arrived to the peak.

    Besides that, this stone also gave the amazing attraction when was touched by the sunrays. This stone will radiate of colors that were dominated by the beautiful green color. These colors were also seen as dancing around when being stroked soft by the water wavelength when the sunrays touched the stone that was in the foundation of his stopping place pond water.

    Was available wide parked around the location for the tourists who came to use the personal car. For the tourists who wanted to swim, was available the place of the substitute for clothes, bathroom and WC. To support comfort for tourists was provided temporary holiday accommodation in order to rests.

    To reach the location, the tourists could use the public's transport or the personal vehicle. The trip could be begun from the Airport of Walter Monginsidi that was located in the South Konawe Regency. From this airport, immediately could head towards the Alam Tanjung Peropa National Park region to be precise in the place of the dismissal of the end of vehicle. After arrive in the dismissal of the vehicle of the end, the trip was continued to the location in a walking manner to the best of 2 km.

    Source: bestindonesiaislands.com

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