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    Serang Beach - Blitar

    Serang Beach is located in Serang village, Panggungrejo district, about 40 km from Blitar city. In every Suro month (new year in Java calendar), it has performed Larung Sesaji ceremony in this beach. In this location, also utilized to see Ramadhan and determined holiday of Idul fitri.

    Serang beach has natural beautiful of beach. It spreads white sandy along the beach. The visitors can have many activities in this beach, such as swimming, sun bathing, fishing, canoeing, etc. This beach is one of the famous beaches in Blitar regency. Visit Serang beach, and you will find a new experiences in your trip that unforgettable. Beside that, the visitor also can watch the traditional ceremony in this beach that held in every year.

    source: www.eastjava.com

    Photo by: aroenjava.wordpress.com

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    It was a great trip.
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    Pantai Serang Blitar memang merupakan salah satu pantai paling sering ada kegiatan di Blitar


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