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    Kerinci Seblat National Park, Sumatera - Indonesia

    Kerinci-Seblat National Park is the largest protected area in Sumatra Island, covering a total of just less than 1.4 million hectares (14,000 sq km) which includes parts of four provinces and 13 districts. Much of the national park comprises montane and hill forests, some still virtually unexplored. The park is an ASEAN Heritage site and since 2004 has been a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site. It is recognized as one of the most important reserves in the world for conservation of wild tigers and as a global hotspot for biodiversity.

    The park is famous for its wealth of species. Field research to date has identified more than 375 species of birds, and (excluding bats and rodents) more than 86 species of mammal, including elephants, bears, tapirs and Sumatran clouded leopard. A minimum of eight species of primate, two species of wild pig and more than 4000 species of flora are also known. With the discovery of Muntiacus montanus, the park now has four species of deer and two species of mouse deer, with many local reports of more species remaining to be discovered, including the fabled orang pendek, a primate which has been observed by scientists.

    Types of flora protected in TNKS include Kantung Semar (Nephents Ampularia), orchids, and tropical trees among others. Types of fauna protected include Sumatran Tigers, bears, deer, various primates and birds among others.

    Types of endemic primates protected in TNKS include Simpai, Ungkou, Siamang (Symphanlangus Syndactylus), monkeys, and long tail monkeys among others. Types of birds protected include Rangkong, Tohtor and Kuau birds and eagles among others. Most of these fauna are endangered species.

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