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    Mount Kerinci, Padang - West Sumatra

    Explore the Sumatra's largest national parks the Kerinci Seblat National Park, the home to rhinos, tigers, elephants, bears and orangutan. We will trekking up the highest peak in western Indonesia and the highest volcano in South East Asia Mt.Kerinci (3,805 m above sea level), while enjoying the magnificent scenery. The Lake Kerinci, the highest altitude volcanic lake in Indonesia, is perfect place to watch the bird life: hornbills, banded-broadbills and drongos and many more

    Bukit Tinggi Highland is centre of the colorful cultures of the Minangkabau, the indigenous people of West Sumatra, nestled in the highlands north of the provincial capital of Padang at about 930 m above sea level.

    Traveling is considered a mark of success and West Sumatrans and their Minang or Padang restaurants are found in all major towns across the nation. The people are hospitable and eloquent, with a poetic style of speech. West Sumatran days are filled with colorful ceremonies and festivals. Legend has it the Minagkabau are descendants of the youngest son of Alexander the Great, King Maharjo Dirajo. West Sumatra's centre of culture and tourism is Bukittinggi, nestled in the highlands north of the provincial capital of Padang. Surrounded by high mountains, picturesque valley and lakes, Bukittinggi is considered by many tourists to be the most hospitable city in all of Sumatra.

    Located in the 4 provinces of Sumatra island: West Sumatra, Jambi, Bengkulu and South Sumatra province, the park consist of 1,484, 650 hectares. Started as a game reserve for the protection of the Sumatran endemic mammals such as Sumatran tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrensis), Sumatran Rhinos (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) etc. and was upgraded to a National Park in 1982. It is the only protected area in South East Asia, which is located in the high land. The park also functioned as an important hidro-orologis for the area surroundings with large rookeries that provide breeding grounds for a wide population of mammals.

    Source: indonesia-expedition.com

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    Photo by: adalrico.net

    Photo by: adalrico.net

    Mount Kerinci Map

    Mount Kerinci Video

    Video by: weerobroy
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