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    Indonesia Temples.

    Indonesia places are full with temples, tones, historical building. It is paradise for the tourists who like to know about the history of Indonesia. these are some of them:-
    south kidoe,
    kunja kunju,
    pali island boeling,
    Besakih Temple, Bali,
    Mt. Agung, Bali Island,
    maidan dilli.

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    In your opinion, which is the most attractive for tourists?

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    Borobudur and Prambanan temple
    I Love Indonesia Food, I Love Indonesia Heritage, I Love Indonesia Culture, I Love everything about Indonesia

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    Gedong songo temple

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    Bialowieza in Poland
    I was in the south Kido and recommend this place.

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    Hey I was in south Kido too in last year

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    I went to this place 5-6 times

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    This is a list of Hindu temples and their remains in Indonesia

    Hindu in Indonesia is multi-ethnic, adhered by different Indonesian ethnics, such as Balinese, Javanese, Indian and other ethnics. Majority of Indonesian Hindus are Balinese that inhabit the volcanic island of Bali and some of them has migrated elsewhere in Indonesia. While there are also a quite significant Indonesian Indian Hindus minorities settled in large cities. Numbers of Indonesian natives that adhere a form of native Austronesian ancestral and natural worship might also categorized as Hindus, such as Dayaks Kaharingan, Karo Parmalim and Sundanese Sunda Wiwitan. Hindu Dayak Kaharingan are concentrated in Central Kalimantan

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    Indonesia Temples are very popular to all over the World. There are lot of Hindu and Buddhist Temples. There are many historical and cultural activities in Indonesia.

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    These tourist sites are great, I went there.

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