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    Penataran Temple, Blitar

    Blitar is the second small regency in East Java province. Blitar is noteworthy for being the hometown of Indonesia's first president, Soekarno. It's a sleepy place that's got a tiny business district as well as ancient Hindu temples (called Penataran temple).

    Blitar city has principle “Kridho Hangudi Jaya” (work hard to reach the glorious) and its motto “Blitar Kota Patria” (Blitar the defender of the nation that well-regulated, cleanly, beautiful, and safety), also known as heroic city, student city and peaceful city.
    Blitar city has try to build its city as ‘Patria’ city which supported by it commerce system. Blitar government chooses the tourism sector as the main product to increase its economic region.

    Beside that, Blitar also has tourism objects as the others East Java’s regencies. The tourism objects that also has known by the public are Penataran Temple which is the ancient Hindu temple, Tambakrejo beach with its fantastic waves, Serang beach that commonly held Larung Sesaji Ceremony, Soekarno Graveyard which is one of Blitar religious tour, traditionally event in Blitar such as Grebeg Pancasila, etc.

    source: www.eastjava.com

    Photo by: blitarhunting.wordpress.com

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