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    Jawi Temple, Pasuruan

    temple is a holy building of Hinduism and Budhism that has built in 1300 AD by Kertanegara, the last king of Singasari Kingdom. It is located at Candi Wates village Prigen subdistrict on the way Tretes Pandaan, itís about 40 minutes drive from Surabaya. The height of this temple is about 24,50 meters with the length 14,20 metres and 9.50 metres wide.

    Jawi Temple is one of Pasuruan historical temple that has a unique form. This temple is an old temple in East Java that build for remain the last King of Singasari.

    The temple also said as the last rest place of the King before he finally died. There are many visitor have visited this temple to pray, have meditation activity, or just show its unique form and relief.
    If you interesting to visit this temple, come to Candi Wates village in Pasuruan regency and watch this great temple.

    source: www.eastjava.com

    Photo by: eastjava.com

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