Discussing Batik is never get enough. We can not just stand on Yogyakarta or Solo style, for almost area in Indonesia having their own pattern on Batik motives.

In Tulungagung, East Java, is also has particular Batik cloth, which is known as Baronggung Batik. Tulungagung Batik is almost the same with typical of Solo and Yogyakarta Batik, which is taking Mataraman motifs, such as Sido Mukti, Rujak Sente, Kawung.

What makes different in Tulungagung is coming from the color. Tulungagung Batik has develop the prominent coloring that is tent to green, blue, and yellow. It is also distinguishing the results of other local batik which is typical of coastal motive that has been taken as a special feature Tulungagung batik products. The motive of Kawung, Barong, Padas, Kopi Pecah and Truntum is some of Tulungagung hundreds’ original batik motif.

The existence of the ancient style of Mataraman ethnic motifs, is said to have existed since decades ago and still being maintained until present days.

In addition to maintaining Mataraman motif, batik entrepreneurs in Tulungagung also makes the motives creations without leaving the characteristic of batik Tulungagung. It is meant to attract more consumers and also to make limited particular motive only for one product.

These Batik businesses are spread in Kauman, and also in District Kedungwaru with more than 50 business units spread across the region. Any custom made design is also available for those who want to make their own thought and design applied in Batik pattern.

source: www.eastjava.com

Photo by: finunu.wordpress.com

Photo by: finunu.wordpress.com