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    Kaliandra Sejati, Pasuruan

    The Kaliandra Sejati Foundation was founded in 1997 as a centre of education and culture for the local community of Mount Arjuna promoting a sustainable society based on traditional cultural values and natural resources. It later developed an eco-tourism resort, together with experiential learning programs on leadership and team building, empowering the community by equipping them with new skills and expertise and providing a sustainable source of income for surrounding communities and the organisation.

    Project approach

    Kaliandra Sejati Foundation works closely with local villages to ensure all projects are jointly owned and the interests of multiple stakeholders are taken into account. About 70% of the people employed at the Foundation come from the surrounding villages. The Foundation runs many projects which give local people the opportunity to learn new skills. Training approaches ensure that local communities are able to sustain their cultures while diversifying and providing a secure income. This enables the community to be less reliant on one income source, whilst moving away from destructive timber practices.

    Training has been provided for guides and treks around Mount Arjuna, home-stay programmes have been introduced, as well as an organic farming project, which trains families in financial and environmental sustainability. Training has also been provided in chip making (foods) and bee keeping; this local produce is then bought by the foundation for resort guests. In addition English classes are held four times a week, as well as entrepreneurship schemes that allow the community to take advantage of the increased tourist market. Locals have also been educated in a ‘Forest Parent’ concept which includes mix-crop planting, bio-gas production and agro -forestry projects. These help to provide another sustainable source of income whilst conserving the natural environment.

    source: skillsdevelopment.org

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