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    Sikasur Savannah, Situbondo

    Sikasur Savannah – Situbondo, East Java

    Sikasur savannah is the tourism object belongs to Hyang Mountain or Argopuro Mountain and include of Rengganis Peak. This tourism object is located in Baderan village, Sumbermalang district, about 18 km to south direction from Besuki. If you wish to show the real nature scenery, then visit Sikasur Savannah and feel its different atmosphere.
    Sikasur Savannah is a tourism object in Situbondo regency, which offers the beautiful nature scenery with its wide green savannah and cold water. The panorama is so green and fresh.
    Sikasur savannah also has Situnjung Lake that very beautiful to viewed. This lake is situated in Sikasur area and has clear water.

    source: www.eastjava.com

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