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    Surabaya Zoo / Kebun Binatang Surabaya (KBS)

    The largest zoo and complete in Southeast Asia and divided to some places for birds, freshwater aquarium and brine, quarantine Toxidemi, night animal ( nocturama) and various mammals ( mammal). In Special place, there is also porpoise (pesut mahakam) and mermaid

    Surabaya Zoo located in Setail Street 1 Surabaya (Wonokromo - beside Joyoboyo station area), KBS is big zoo and complete. It is in it are dwelt more than 351 composing different animal species more than 2806 animals. Include Indonesia rareness animal and also world consisted of Mammalian, Aves, Reptile, and Pisces.

    KBS is part of education that is indirectly good for recognizing many kinds of animal so that planted early on feeling love to the nature and its contents. Besides, KBS (Shortly of Surabaya Zoo, commonly people called it as KBS) is animal garden with the meaning place with main function of conservation which is do some effort for treatment and breeding various animal types for the agenda of forming and develop new habitat as supporting facilities for protection and conservation of nature.

    As a Dutch colonial heritage zoo with a width of about 15 hectares and stood since 1916. KBS pertained is ideal to evaluated from the location aspect, wide, and collection of animal reaching 400 types, from within and also overseas. Correction many done by management, like existence of parent program to take care of animal, strive free animal help from zoo beyond the sea, and the facilities development.

    KBS is build based on Dutch Governor General Decision on 31 Augusts 1916 number 40, by the name " Soerabaiasche Planten-en Dierentuin" (Surabaya Botany Garden and Animal) for service a journalist named H.F.K. Kommer an animal collector. From the angle of financial H.F.K Kommer get help from some people donor. The first KBS location is in Kaliondo, in 1916, and then on 28 Septembers 1917 moves in Groedo Street. In 1920 it was moves again to Darmo area for new zoo area to OOST-JAVA STOOMTRAM MAATSCHAPPIJ or Train Station service.

    For the first time in April 1918, KBS is opened but with paying admission sign (ticket). Then high operating expenses effect, hence on 21 Julies 1922 botany gardens / KBS experience monetary crisis and will be disbanded, but some of it members of are disagree.

    On 11 Mays 1923, meeting of members in Simpang Restaurant decided to build a Zoo Organization, which is new, and referred by WA. Hompes to remain in the zoo. The big help for continuity of life in 1927 of DIJKERMAN governor and member of council A. Van Genrep successfully persuade the Parliament of Surabaya City to give attention to KBS, with SK DPR on 3 Julies 1927 bought land, which has 32000 m3 width contribution from Train Station (OJS). In 1939 hitherto KBS wide increase become 15 hectares and in 1940 it had finished the garden of 85000-m2 width.

    KBS Philosophy:
    Multifarious is animal which life dispersion in the earth is the one supreme God award and benefit to man and balance of nature as nature of The Most Generous character and The Most Enamored from The one supreme God to all his creation.

    From year to year, KBS developments have changed its function. Surabaya Zoo, which is former just for recreation place, have been developed his function to become support facilities for protection and conservation, education and research. Animals becom KBS collection from year to year number and its types is always increase from outside and also in country.

    For period to come progress, need the coordination with related parties like BKSDA (Conservation Hall of Natural resources) Department of Forestry, On Duty Breeding East Java Province, and Surabaya Sub Breeding Department.

    Visit time every day started at 07.00 Pm –- 17.00 Am.

    source: www.eastjava.com

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