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    Panorama of Kenjeran Beach, Surabaya

    Kenjeran beach is located in Kenjeran district in the east top Surabaya, which is 9 km from Surabaya. Kenjeran beach has divided into two beaches; they are Old Kenjeran Beach and New Kenjeran Beach.

    The activities that can do in Old Kenjeran Beach are enjoying the panorama of the beach, fishing, sailing, and buying sea fishes. While the activities in New Kenjeran Beach are more sport activities, such as; Tennis, Horseracing, Motorbike, Race, Swimming, Fishing, Playground, and places of worship.

    The available facilities of this area are; restaurants, toilets, hotels, stages, souvenir stores, and message house.

    Formerly, Kenjeran Beach is a very beautiful beach in the north Surabaya, but now the cleanliness in that beach begin to befouled because of the people around that beach did not keep that beach clean. In 1963 until 1965 the beach still clean because there was not village near there. The soil of Kenjeran is from mud. The level of water decrease reaching 2 kilometers. The tipping tidal wave of Kenjeran Beach is once per day, and its start from 8 am to 2/2.30 pm for 2 kilometers. The animals in there are jelly fish, reef, eel fish, and prawn. If the water is subsided the animal are only small crab and snail.

    source: www.eastjava.com

    Photo by: infowisataku.com

    Photo by: papabonbon.wordpress.com

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    my personal opinion about this beach:
    Kenjeran has good enough view of the beach especially for the sands.
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