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    Papua Traditional Dance

    Papua Dance, this one of the culture from the part of Indonesian is great for you if you want to visit Indonesia and this is the great for you because you can learn about the Indonesian culture since there is a traditional part of the culture.

    Well, everybody knows that Indonesia is one of the country which rich of culture from the lands itself and this can be the impressive moment when you just visit the Indonesia and one of the great culture is about the dance from Papuan. Papuan actually live in the east of Indonesia and it is for the dense jungles. With the dance which is so close about the nature completed and combined with the heart and also the energetic movement that make the spirit spread out. Not only that, but also you can feel with the dance and also the crazy dance for the beat.
    If you want to see about the Papua dance and feel the spirit around your soul also want to know more about their traditional party by dancing, you can find it in the Papua.

    With the great performance that arranged and managed only to welcome the passenger who just arrive to this place. One of the points that is great and amazing for you about why you need to go to this place is about the place in Papua New Guinea to watch Papua Dance. If you just visit and have a lot of destinations when visiting Indonesia such as go to some modern tourism object, of course you will never find the great culture inside it because it is containing of resort, so crowded and it is not too much meaningful for you because you only spend out your time for enjoying, shopping and the atmosphere will be quite different if you just visit Papua and watch the traditional Papua dance from it. This is good for you because this is the place when you just try to escape from crowds since the place itself is commonly not visited by the tourists around the world and you can find out the transportation by bus from the churches because there is actually no bus for the transportation that is provided for tourist. On the other hand, you will easier to watch a lot of folk dancers and also the people who come to join it.

    source: youtube.com

    Photo by: trekearth.com

    Photo by: thejakartapost.co

    Video by: clarinxzky
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