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    Duma Galela Lake,Halmahera,Indonesia

    Duma-Galela lake, so local people call it, is the largest lake on the island of Halmahera and have important historical value for the local community. Duma offers beautiful natural scenery and natural. The water was clear and calm making it suitable for swimming, fishing and boating.Cape Duma in this lake is where the entry of the gospel on the island of Halmahera was first sung by the Dutch missionary, Van Dyken at around the year 1816. Not far from this place there is also Lake Makete and Ngidiho with a smaller size.Galela region lies Galela bay coastal area, stretching from Mamuya village in the south and ends in the village at the northern end of Jere. Almost all regions Galela an area of ​​hills covered with banana and coconut trees that once made the copra as one commodity Galela community.This region is inhabited by tribes Galela famous as the great immigrant. Galela language which is the language of instruction in these areas are also found uses in several other places like Morotai.The main attraction of this region is Lake Duma-Galela which is the largest lake in Halmahera as well Dukono volcano which is one of a series of active volcanoes in North Maluku. Of the many interesting attractions and of course still very beautiful and maintained d beauty, unfortunately not many investors who invest their shares to the management of these sights.Potential fishery production of about 16,700 tons. Sub Tobelo and South Tobelo production accounted for most of this fishery. Fishery products are used to meet the needs of local consumption and industrial raw materials caning in several regions outside of North Halmahera District, such as Manado and Jakarta. Shipping done at Port Tobelo to be distributed further to other areas. Some are to be shipped to Japan.North Halmahera also has the potential for mining. Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM), a gold mining company, has since the 1990's gold exploitation in the area of ​​Kao and Malifut. The existence of this company for the local area is felt especially in community development programs. Every year NHM provides $ 2 billion fund to run this program.In the district of North Loloda, precisely on the island of Doi, there is also exploitation of manganese.Government infrastructure development and preparation of organizational structure is still the main focus of North Halmahera, to the extent that government officials are still subordinated the promotion potential of the region. Therefore, the information is more easily obtained from the parent than the district of North Halmahera civil service apparatus.

    source: pureindonesia.blogspot.com

    Photo by: en.wikipedia.org
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